About Us

We're a full service, award winning boutique travel agency specializing in luxury custom travel.

Our comprehensive service goes beyond the status quo. We focus on developing a relationship and understanding of our clients so that we can design a vacation that suits the needs of each individual, family or group.

In a world that is constantly evolving, custom-designed travel is becoming more of a necessity than ever. We build your itinerary and organize the logistics so that you can enjoy your vacation while saving loads of time in the planning and research phase. Our clients tell us what their ideal vacation looks like, and then we put our expertise and connections to use by building them a flawless vacation. 

The difference between a good vacation and an extraordinary one is the attention to the smallest of details. Majestic Destinations focuses on those very details so that you may experience a top-noch vacation while building a lifetime of memories. Whether you’re looking for a trip to Disney World, a relaxing trip to Hawaii or an all-inclusive getaway to the Caribbean we have you covered.

Meet the Founder

Melissa Morello, Founder of Majestic Destinations Travel

Melissa is a Connecticut native but considers Hawaii to be her second home. Growing up in a military family, she was afforded the luxury of traveling the world from a young age. With each adventure, Melissa cultivated her love of travel and unique perspective on the world.

As she spent years dropping pins around the globe, Melissa discovered that she enjoys planning vacations (almost) as much as taking them. Researching destinations, planning itineraries, and crafting truly exceptional trips became her passion — and then it became Majestic Destinations Travel. Today Melissa works with clients to take the stress out of travel and and create extraordinary experiences with start-to-finish vacation-planning support.

If you're planning a trip, make it majestic.

Get in touch with us to start the planning process. 

It’s undeniable – there is a ton of information out there on the internet. But while browsing the web can be a great place to start for inspiration and direction, it’s not the best place to find the most reputable places to stay or reliable companies to trust with your limited vacation days and dollars. 

Vacations require a significant investment of both time and money, and we want to make sure yours is well spent. Working with a travel advisor not only saves you time, money, and stress, but ensures that your vacation is specifically designed for you. Here are a few of the perks you get when working with a travel advisor:

  • Pre-vetted hotels and resorts that actually look like the photos online
  • Access to VIP tour companies and suppliers the public can’t find online 
  • Destination expertise and insights to guide your travel plans
  • Custom-designed itineraries made specifically for your group, not for the masses on Google
  • Personalized support before, during, and after your trip


Yes, in most cases we do charge for custom itinerary design. While there are some travel agents out there who will process your booking for “free”, our design fee covers the time we spend getting to know your wants and needs, researching every potential option, comparing costs and experiences, and planning every detail of your trip to a tee. 

Your planning fee will be determined by the length of your trip, the complexity of the itinerary you want, and the size of your group. We believe in total transparency, so during your initial consultation, we’ll price out your design fee based on the time we’ll need to set aside to plan your trip. 

The exception to the rule: If you know exactly where you want to stay and simply want to take advantage of the sweet VIP perks and competitive rates you get when you book with us, we’ll waive the design fee and process your hotel booking. It’s true what they say… it’s good to have friends in majestic places!

The possibilities are truly limitless! We create authentic and immersive experiences for families, couples, and groups in various locations across the world. Our specialties include customized tours, safaris, luxury river and ocean cruises, wellness escapes, and private yacht experiences. If you have a question about a trip, let us know! It can’t hurt to ask.

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