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Hotel Elite Partner Programs

In the world of luxury travel, the experience goes beyond just a beautiful destination.

Luxury experience is about indulging in exquisite accommodations, impeccable service, and exclusive privileges that make your trip truly memorable. This is where hotel elite partner programs come into play, enhancing the travel experience for their discerning clients. These programs are invitation-only and cater to a small select group of renowned travel agencies worldwide. Majestic Destinations Travel has the privilege of partnering with several prestigious hotel elite partner programs.

Hotel elite partner programs are exclusive collaborations between luxury hotels and top-tier travel agencies. These programs are designed to provide exceptional services, added amenities, and exclusive perks to travelers booking through these select agencies. They offer clients a level of luxury that goes beyond what is available to the average traveler. Clients who have booked with a preferred travel agency get the best rooms in the hotel and are prioritized above other requests when it comes to room upgrades and the most well-located and appealing rooms.

Our Exclusive Elite Hotel Program Benefits

Luxury Hotel Lobby

High Priority for Room Upgrades

Often includes guaranteed upgrades

Property Credits

Drink, dine, and enjoy the spa with property credits at select locations

Complimentary Breakfast

Breakfast is included with members-only perks at partnering hotels

Early Check-In, Late Check-Out

Make your stay even more convenient with early check-in and late check-out

Special Recognition

Enjoy VIP status and ammenities throughout your stay at your hotel or resort

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