Experience 4 Nights at La Casa De La Playa

Discover the perfect blend of relaxation and culinary exploration at La Casa de la Playa Resort in Mexico.
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Discovering the perfect blend of relaxation and culinary exploration awaits at La Casa de la Playa Resort in Mexico. From savoring the tantalizing flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine to lounging on pristine beaches, every moment promises to create lasting memories. Join us as we walk you through a 4-night itinerary designed to ignite wanderlust and relax your mind, soul, and body.

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Day 1: Check-in at La Casa de la Playa

Arrive at the airport, where the resort host team will welcome you and lead you to transportation to La Casa De La Playa. 

Once at La Casa De La Playa, a resort with Mexican soul in the Mayan jungle, you’ll check in to your beachfront suite. The resort’s suites are complete with comfy king-size beds, mini-bars, a jellyfish habitat, hammocks, heated pools, and more.

Enjoy dinner at Tuch of Luna, where you can indulge in dishes of vibrant color and delicious flavors.

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Day 2: Grounding Rituals Xel-Há

Allow your soul to feel grounded with rituals created to calm the mind and bring ultimate comfort by attending the Purification and New Being Ceremony in the hideaways of Xel-Há.

Later in the day, check out the innovative food at Estero, where Caribbean cuisine meets traditional foods thought to be enjoyed in the Amazon and Andes mountain range.

Day 3: Explore Xpeleo

Start your day by touring the majestic caverns in Xpeleo where you’ll experience total darkness in the caves and a deep connection with nature. Refresh for the evening with a dining reservation at Centli. Here, yo’ll experience cusiine from Chiapas, Veracruz, and Hidalgo that pay tribute to corn and the heartbeat of Mexico.

Beach La Casa De La Playa

Day 4: Spa Treatments at Muluk Spa 

Today’s agenda? Rest and relaxation… Head to the Muluk Spa for hydrotherapy and a sauna session to ease tension and sooth the mind. In the steam room, cleansing vapors promote deep relaxation before entering the cold room, where a brisk plunge works to promote circulation.

Next, a deep tissue massage administered by skilled therapists will melt away the tension and release knots to restorce balance in your body. After your massage, a detoxifying, custom facial awaits you. After a avisit to the salt and mudroom where rich minerals detoxify and sooth your skin, you’ll be feeling refreshed and at ease.

That evening, head to Lumbre for smoky flavors and delicacies from the coasts of Northern Mexico.

Day 5: Fly Home 

It’s time to wrap up your stay. You’ll meet your private driver in the lobby to be transferred back to the airport.

Resort rooms la casa de la playa

Culinary Delights and Relaxation at it’s Finest

Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant energy of local markets or the tranquility of beachside dining, at La Casa de la Playa, there’s something to delight every palate and excite every one.

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