Top Luxury Travel Destinations of 2023

Looking for memorable travel destinations for your luxury vacation? These travel hotspots have everything you’ve been searching for.
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Most of today’s luxury travelers are looking for more than just a simple five-star hotel and first-class flight reservation. They want personalized service and unique experiences in new destinations. In no particular order, here are eight of the top trending destinations luxury travelers plan to visit in 2023.


Side Street in Kyoto Japan

With the country reopening to tourists in the fall of 2022, Japan is quickly becoming a top destination for luxury travelers. In addition to seeing the bustling city of Tokyo, many travelers will opt to spend time in Kyoto as they look to explore the local culture and art. This area is overflowing with historic temples, gardens, and teahouses.


Soneva Sushi Resort Maldives

This romantic island nation is popular for travelers who are seeking a mix of adventure and seclusion. The lengthy travel time from the US to the middle of the Indian Ocean rewards you with picture-perfect over-water bungalows set atop unbelievable turquoise water. Visitors can relax in their resort spa after a day full of water fun like snorkeling or scuba diving. Be sure to also visit Baa Atoll for its UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Burj Al Arab Dubai

This diverse cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates is quickly growing in popularity. It is home to the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and a man-made island shaped like a palm tree named Palm Jumeirah. Visitors can experience a mix of bustling city life, unforgettable desert landscapes, and exclusive beach clubs along the coast.


White Sand Beach Seychelles

The views, the exclusive feel, the pink sand beaches, and the crystal-clear water make the Seychelles a top choice for a luxurious getaway. And when you aren’t relaxing in a private villa, you can take advantage of some of the best scuba diving in the world along its coral reefs.


Koh Samui Thailand

Rich culture and heritage are at the heart of all things Thailand. Bangkok is an eclectic city with skyscrapers, temples, and palaces. Beyond the city, you can enjoy Phuket’s tropical beaches, spend time at the elephant sanctuary, and visit the remote jungle of Khao Sok. And don’t forget the local markets and fabulous food scene.

Costa Rica

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Costa Rica

Luxurious accommodations combined with unique excursions make this a top destination. Costa Rica is known for its jungle and rainforest as well as its beautiful beaches. There is a luxurious adult-only resort in the rainforest that is the perfect retreat after a hike to the Arenal Volcano or after traversing the Mystic Hanging Bridges.


Kangaroo in The Flinders Ranges South Australia

Travelers heading down under to Australia are seeking more than the classic sites of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House. Some are looking to immerse themselves into Aboriginal culture and explore the Horizontal Falls only found on the Kimberley coast.


Penguins Gathering in Antarctica

This is a true bucket list destination for the traveler who feels like they have “been there and done that” across the globe. An expedition cruise to Antarctica will create many once-in-a-lifetime moments like getting up close to king penguins or kayaking around an iceberg.

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